The Obsession of Carter Andrews Full Episodes


How to Watch

Watch full episodes of Carter Andrews fishing around the world on The Obsession of Carter Andrews:

Outdoor ChannelOn Cable or Satellite, USA

New episodes show first on the Outdoor Channel. We plan to air Season 3 starting January 2016. If you don’t get the Outdoor Channel, ask your provider!

The Obsession of Carter AndrewsOnline, Worldwide

New episodes show online approximately six months after they air on the Outdoor Channel. We’ll publish season 2 episodes online starting around July 2015. There are many ways to watch The Obsession of Carter Andrews online. Here are a few:

On a Computer

Visit, click Show, and watch in your web browser.

VimeoOn a Tablet or Smartphone

Visit, click Show, and watch in your mobile web browser.

Or download the free Vimeo app for your mobile platform – iOS, AndroidKindle Fire, or Windows Phone. Launch the Vimeo app and search for theobsession under People. You can play full episodes, behind-the-scenes clips, and more.

On Digital TV

You can find the Vimeo app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and many other streaming devices. Some modern TVs have built-in apps and can play Vimeo directly without an additional device.

Simply launch the Vimeo app on your device and search for theobsession under People. You can play full episodes, behind-the-scenes clips, and more.

Enjoy the show!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ryan Merritt.

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Renowned angler and guide Carter ‘Big Boy’ Andrews is plagued by a single obsession: fishing. He simply cannot remember a time when fishing was not the driving focus of his life. To be obsessed by something you love completely is an affliction Carter is willing to bear.