In the fishing industry there there are thousands of choices in of rods, reels, line, lures, electronics, boats, motors and other accessories and over the years I have tried most.

I have built relationships with the brands that I have come to trust and depend on.  These brands are the leaders in the industry, changing the way we fish with innovative and reliable products.  I am now grateful to have the support of these Brands as sponsors on my show The Obsession of Carter Andrews.  These are the ones that support my obsession let them help you as well.


To be a part of the Shimano family is a dream come true. I have fished Shimano products for most of my career, and I have never doubted that Shimano tackle helps me be a better angler. I know I can depend on it. Rod and reel combos from Shimano have provided me with absolute power, whether I am fishing light tackle or big game in saltwater. Shimano has built a system of rods, reels and line that take advantage of the most innovative technologies in the industry. Shimano rod and reel combinations, along with Power Pro braid, represent the lightest, strongest and most durable fishing products on the market today. AND I should know…I have Stella 18,000 reels that have landed 10,000 pounds of fish, and they are still going strong! I’ll trust them with the next 10,000, and a few more after that.

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Power Propowerpro

Over the years I have moved from fishing mono to fishing braid almost exclusively. Doing so has changed the way I fish for the better. Every reel I have is loaded with Power Pro, whether it is the original, Super Slick, or Hollow Ace. For me, and my style of fishing, Power Pro just makes sense: with thin diameters, high sensitivity, and long-lasting durability, it’s an easy choice. I still use fluoro leaders or top-shots while fishing braid, and depending on the application, I might turn to softer rods and lighter drag. But regardless, I am always fishing Power Pro braid. Many times, I can get a full season out of a single spool, and that means thousands of casts, hundreds of hours, and god knows how many pounds of fish.

With eight different types of braid in the Power Pro lineup, I am sure there is one for you. Try it… you’ll see what I mean.

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Our story started at the beginning of the 20th century, when Carl Grundéns, the son of a fisherman, grew tired of the unforgiving weather of the west coast of Sweden. He decided to make something for the people with a passion for fishing and started manufacturing water repellent garments to withstand the forces of nature – keeping all men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love.  Today we carry on the tradition of developing products you can trust.  We help fishermen, both professional and recreational face any condition on waters across the globe.

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White’s Tackle is a full service tackle store with locations Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach and Jupiter Florida.  Our staff of knowledgeable anglers have fished the globe learning the secrets from the best captains and crews, and will be glad to pass them on to you.  For over 90 years White’s Tackle has been outfitting inshore and offshore anglers from all over with the best tackle and service imaginable.  We pride ourselves on helping fellow anglers pursue their game fish of choice from the most majestic flat to the farthest ocean.  White’s Tackle will ship all over the world and we would love to help you in any way we can on your next adventure.  Please enjoy our site, and take a look at all of the products we carry.  If you have any questions feel free to call the Fort Pierce Store at 772-461-6909 or the Stuart Store 772-266-4010 or send us an email.  Remember to look at our fishing report section to see what’s happening and check out our awesome photo gallery to view the latest greatest catches.  If you have a photo you would like to share, shoot us an email and we will add your photo with the rest of the great catches!



When it comes to outboards the most important thing to me is dependability, knowing that I’m going to make it to the fishing grounds, put my friends family and clients on the fish, and get them back to the dock safely.  Some of the fishing trips we go on entail 100 mile runs to areas where you are most likely going to be the only boat out there.  Having a motor that is quiet also helps when it comes to 100 miles worth of conversation with your crew.  From the small jet drives we used in Russia, to the powerful Verados we use offshore, the crew and I have relied on our Mercury outboards to get the fish caught and the shows shot.  Be sure to check out their website and learn about some of the advantages to the Mercury Outboards.

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Sea Vee Boats offers a diverse line-up of high performance sport fishing boats, from 27’ to 43’, designed for the whole family. Each one is meticulously hand crafted specifically for its owner to complement their individual needs and style. With continuous investment into product design, craftsmanship, innovation and quality control, every customer is assured that their boat incorporates the latest technologies and is built to provide years of trouble-free performance.  Sea Vee Boats isn’t simply a boat manufacturer. These boats connect customers to nature, provide escapes from the daily grind, and help forge memories that last a lifetime.  Owning a Sea Vee, comes with membership to a fun-loving, sea-going family whose primary mission is to make the most of every day spent on the water.

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The truth is its no surprise that a fishermen will go through several coolers in their lifetime.  So when I find myself with the same Yeti that I’ve had for 8 years, i realize that a real good quality cooler can last you forever.   I love my YETI… for me is a casting platform, its a table, a chair, dry storage, its a bait well, and oh yeah and its one hell of a cooler that keeps ice for days. I travel to some really remote destinations and it can be brutal on your gear but my YETIs have always made it there and back in one piece

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COSTA SUNGLASSES                     

Costa advanced polarized sunglasses and polarized prescription sunglasses are handcrafted for life on and off the water. Built to be expedition tough while fishing, boating, or exploring, Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses have been handcrafted by a team of designers so you can see what’s out there with UVA/UVB protection.

Learn more at: www.costadelmar.com

YO-ZURI  Yo-Zuri Fish The Best

Yo-Zuri has developed technologically-advanced fishing products that lead the industry, and in short order the company has become one of the top-rated brands of hard-baits in the world. Yo-Zuri fishing lures are crafted to be the most realistic looking, and realistic acting, lures of all time, designed to help each angler have achieve the best from his or her fishing days.

I have been fishing Yo-Zuri for years, but when I made my move to Panama and started to fish some of the best inshore and offshore fishing found anywhere in the world, I realized just what Yo-Zuri lures meant to me. The Sashimi Big game series is the most durable, reliable and lifelike big game lure on the market. Due to the durability of through-wire construction, I have used them to catch Yellowfin Tuna over 200 pounds, and Cubera Snapper and Rooster fish up to 70 pounds. When it comes to Fluorocarbon, Yo-Zuri’s HD disappearing Pink is the best I have ever used. When you are in that blue water and fishing live baits for monster Tuna and Black Marlin, there is no substitute for absolute strength and invisibility. I have seen it work way too many times… when other boats are not getting bit and I get the bite, it is because of the Yo-Zuri Pink.

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Hooks that stand up to the toughest of ALL fish.

Pioneering the latest processing technologies in terms of hook manufacturing, BKK’s most advanced hooks have been bestowed important international industrial design awards and the brand has already gained huge popularity in some of the world’s most challenging markets and fishing applications.

Their product range can cater to many different fishing styles I usually fish, from lure casting, to trolling, jigging, bait fishing etc. You will see me use these hooks with a variety of fish species and fishing techniques in many waters around the country.

The values fostered by the brand also align with mine, focusing on environment awareness and promoting catch and release and education as a means to preserve and enhance the future of sport fishing.

Go check them out – https://bkkhooks-americas.com



For more than 30 years, Charleston, SC-based Z-Man Fishing Products has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers. Since perfecting the coloration and mass production of silicone skirting in the 1980s, Z-Man has long been one of the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material, but until recently the Z-Man name was unknown to many fishermen. Today, Z-Man’s cutting edge 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics and ChatterBait® brand bladed jigs are among the world’s premier fresh- and saltwater baits, positioning the company as one of the fastest-growing lure brands in the US!

RAYMARINE raymarine

As fishing becomes more sophisticated I naturally depend more and more on my electronics to not only get to the fishing grounds, but more importantly, to understand what is going on in the water where I’m trying to fish.  I use radar to help me find porpoise and tuna schools and then my bottom finder to see where the fish are holding in the water column.  Having a keen understanding of the latest technology and being able to easily use it in my fishing day really makes the difference.

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T-H Marine Supplies, Inc. has been serving the marine industry since 1975. They are a family-owned and operated corporation that takes pride in every product that leaves our factory. They are boaters and fishermen who design products for boaters and fishermen. T-H Marine produces thousands of products in many categories, including outboard motor mounts, outboard tilt and trim, access hatches, deck plates, lid locks, deck hardware, livewell aeration, plumbing fittings, battery trays, fishing rod holders, boat lights, rigging accessories, trolling motor accessories, pontoon boat parts, and general boat accessories. Learn more at https://thmarinesupplies.com/


Nissan Trucks USA                    

Nissan provides unique and innovative products and services that deliver superior measurable value. Not just for pulling the boat around. Titan does it all. Horse trailer, flatbed gooseneck, farm work, running around town and whatever else I throw at it. Learn more at: www.nissanusa.com/trucks



When you visit the Nautilus Reels factory in Miami, you encounter dedication amplified by passion, diligence fueled by tradition, and generations of experience with machinery. At Nautilus Reels, angler innovators will share with enthusiasm their cutting-edge advancements in fly fishing reel design and manufacturing in light of “Tested on Animals™” research and development with fly-targeted species from steelhead in British Columbia to trout in Montana to tarpon not far from the Nautilus camp. Learn more at www.nautilusreels.com/.


Fly fishing has been a big part of my angling life. I grew up fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains, but when I moved to Jackson Hole, WY, fly fishing became a way of life. For nearly two decades I guided fly fishermen on some of the greatest rivers in the Rocky Mountains, and through that time G. Loomis quickly became my rod of choice. I have been fishing Loomis fly rods for 20 years now.  Not only are they a joy to cast, but they have the power to land the biggest fish. I’ve won a number of casting competitions with G.Loomis rods, and the new NRX is far in a way the best fly rod ever made, for either fresh or saltwater. G. Loomis offers the ultimate in extreme performance fly rods, and I’ll fish with nothing else.

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Hook and Gaff

Hook and Gaff took it upon themselves to forge a watch strong enough for our adventures, yet designed with a classic look. Hand-assembled by expert watchmakers in the Carolinas, each Hook+Gaff watch is manufactured to be reliable in the most adverse conditions. Utilizing durable materials like scratch-resistant sapphire and lightweight titanium, Hook and Gaff have created an adventure-proof watch that will keep you on course through all of your outdoor pursuits. Learn more at: https://hookandgaff.com/


Panama is the Big Game Sport Fishing Capital of the World!  With Islas Secas being the closest land-based lodge to the world famous fishing grounds of Hannibal Bank (twenty-five miles) and Isla Montuosa (thirty miles), I couldn’t think of a better place for my family and I to base out of for the past few seasons.   Other operations are at least fifty miles from these locations where the fishing grounds thrive due to nutrient-filled waters from the Humboldt Current being pushed into sea mounds that create upwellings and provide a food chain and feeding frenzy.  Ive witnessed some of the most dramatic scenes of nature in these waters and have experienced truly amazing fishing.  

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