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Episode 7: Key West pt. 1

I’m not exaggerating when I say that while we’re in Miami getting blown out, I get pneumonia. Not a cold, not the sniffles; pneumonia....

Episode 6: Guatamala to Miami Sailfishing

We managed to get one show in Guatemala but we’ll need some kind of game-changer to get out with another one, and on the...

Episode 5: Guatamala Sailfish

On the way down to Guatemala I’m telling the crew how this incredible bite is going off. They are raising 50 or 60 sailfish...

Episode 4: Ponoi River Russia Part 2

Our epic trip to the Russian Arctic to fish Atlantic salmon continues, but now it’s time to fish with Heidi, as Dad got the...

Episode 2: Cape Cod Change of Plans

From Long Island we took the ferry to seek out my friend Terry Nugent in Cape Cod. Terry has been telling me of the...

Episode 1: Long Island Bluefish & Striper Fishing

It’s been a long strange road to realizing the dream of a first television show… so wouldn’t you know it? I show up in...