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Costa Rica

For years Costa Rica has been known to offer some of the best offshore fishing in the world. In addition, the ease of travel to and from makes this a great destination for any angler. When everything comes together, good clean water with loads of bait pushes in close to shore. When boats in Costa Rica can get on the bite, things become epic in a hurry. To give a single example, during one of the tournaments this past winter, boats out of Los Suenos set a new record. In that single tourney, 42 boats released 2170 billfish in a 3-day period; unheard of numbers in such a short time. You can’t argue with stats like that. In addition, Los Suenos is one of the nicest resort and marina facilities on the Pacific side of Central America. It features great accommodations, restaurants, and charter services for the traveling fisherman. This makes for a great base of operations from which to fish north or south.
Golfito is another destination worth considering, as it has some great smaller lodges that offer more of that local experience. Of these, one of my favorites is Zancudos, which provides intimacy but doesn’t cut short fishing opportunities. Costa Rica has a great diversity in its offshore fishing: Sailfish, Marlin, Dolphin, and Tuna can all be caught by trolling, bait-and-switch, or live-baiting. Combine that diversity with days upon days of unlimited fish, and you are in for a winning combination.
Whether you are traveling solely to fish, or you have your family along and need something for everyone, you will find what you need in Costa Rica.