Yellowfin Tuna Crushing Giant Bait Ball – Isla Montosa, Panama


On April 15, 2011, aboard the fishing vessel Que Rica captained by Carter Andrews,

my Dad, brothers and I came across amassive school of yellowfin tuna feeding in a huge bait ball.It was a sight to behold and a great event of nature.


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Michael Torbisco
Born in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, Michael “Mikey” Torbisco currently resides in the Florida Keys. His resume includes being a cameraman, editor and assistant producer for the long running Spanish Fly Series with the legendary Jose Wejebe. Mikey has travelled the globe with the crew, working on a variety of productions including Spanish Fly, Vida Del Mar, The Road Less Traveled and various other human-interest and humanitarian pieces. Mikey is now an integral part of the team, where he takes on the role as Multimedia Manager.