Orient Point & I Have No Tackle!


I’m not quite sure why I chose this location for my first show, except that my good friend Bill Stall said, “Hey Carter, you should really come back to my hometown and do some striper fishing”

Orient Point 035I had not seen Bill in years, but we’d kept up with each other, and knew his word was solid.  I’ve always loved stripers, and I figured, ‘what the hell? So the crew packed up and we headed north for some good Atlantic striper fishing. Stripers have always mde sense to me.  Like the largemouths I was raised on, they have the right attitude; they are usually willing to eat, and best of all, you can lip the.  Bill set us up with his old friend Jeff Becker, who fishes out of Orient Point which is on the tip of the North Fork of Long Island.  This area is lesser-known and less crowded than Montauk, but the fishing can be every bit as good.

[pull_quote_right]Stripers have always made sense to me.  Like the largemouths I was raised on, they have the right attitude; they are usually willing to eat, and best of all, you can lip them[/pull_quote_right]

I was really excited about this being the first shoot for my new show.  I’d been preparing myself for success, telling myself not to stress, as this was destined to be just another day of fishing with an old friend.  All of that quickly changed when none of my gear arrived. Ok, so imagine the time and thought, all the preparation I’d taken getting my gear in order.  I’m not talking just any gear, either, but the best of the best Shimano rods and reels, and lures from Yo-Zuri.  None of it arrived.  I was filming my first show in the morning, and I didn’t have any gear… it was awful

But every coud has a silver lining.  After a quick pow wow session with the crew, we decided to go shopping.  I did a search online for a nearby Shimano dealer and found Whites Tackle.  We decided to embrace the turn our adventure was taking, and film it all.

Orient Point 026-2

This actually wound up being pretty fun, going shopping and buying all I would need.  The outfitting process didn’t take long, and we found ourselves on the water for the afternoon bite.  We fished the rest of the day and most of the next day, and caught lots of small and medium-sized bluefish and stripers.  There were periods when we took fish on every cast.  We fished one spot early on the second morning, and there we caught our best fish.  The spot was a rip that formed off a point, creating a classic striper and bluefish ambush point with current,a depth change, and a color change as well.  Any one of these features would have held fish, but when all three coincided I knew it was a done deal.

What is next?

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Michael Torbisco
Born in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, Michael “Mikey” Torbisco currently resides in the Florida Keys. His resume includes being a cameraman, editor and assistant producer for the long running Spanish Fly Series with the legendary Jose Wejebe. Mikey has travelled the globe with the crew, working on a variety of productions including Spanish Fly, Vida Del Mar, The Road Less Traveled and various other human-interest and humanitarian pieces. Mikey is now an integral part of the BDOutdoors.com team, where he takes on the role as Multimedia Manager.